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60 day notice, Foreclosure, Succession, Inherited house, Inheritance, Bankruptcy in the greater Montreal area, Sell your house fast, I buy your house cash fast.

Sell your house fast in Montreal

We Buy houses cash fast in montreal

Sell your house fast in Montreal
sell your house fast in montreal, cash house buyer

  • Major rénovations/Major damages ?

No matter the condition your property is in, before you start doing work or renovation, call us. We buy houses cash in montreal, so you might avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary work that doesn't add value to your houses.

  • Do you have late payment ?

Warning!! Your creditor could start charging you important fees and send you a notice of exercise of a mortgage law, a foreclosure notice or 60 day notice and it will hurt your credit really bad and even in that situation I buy houses cash and fast in Montreal. 

  • What is a 60 day notice or foreclosure notice ?

Also call a notice of exercise of a mortgage law, it's the first procedure of a mortgagee (bank) to assert is mortgage warranty. This notice is in fact a warning that you have to repay all the late payment, fees from the bank, fees from the lawyer plus the interest within 60 days, or else they will enforce their mortgage rights. *

  • What happen after 60 days ?

Once the 60 days are over, the creditor (bank) sends you a letter to let you know that he is starting the legal procedure to repossess your house. Afterward you will receive a convocation in court with a precise time and day. Once the jugement is made, the creditor becomes the owner of your house. Remember that I can buy your house cash and fast before the judgement. *

  • Need money quickly ?

We are able to go to the notary as fast as 5 days after we have all the necessary relevant document since we buy houses for cash.

  • ​Vacant property ?

We buy houses cash no matter the condition. 

  • Bankruptcy ?

You can consult us before going for a bankruptcy or other solutions to your debt problem. In many cases, we were able to help people avoid passing through such embarrassing procedure as bankruptcy and buy their houses cash fast.

  • Divorce ?

If you're stuck in a difficult situation, a separation or a divorce, we can help selling your house quickly by giving you a cash offer for your house.

  • Inheritance ?

We can allow you to liquidate your inheritance and quickly turn your real estate into money in your pocket by buying your house for cash.

  • Relocation/Transfert

If you're moving, you've been transfert or relocated far from your actual house, we have solutions to help you sell your house fast.

*For more details, we recommend that you consult with a lawyer.