You are in foreclosure, a succession, a bankruptcy and need to sell your house? We'll make you a cash offer and you could sell in 5 days*.​​



Selling a home is difficult and complicated and it can be even more if you have problems, though, we makes it look like a walk in the park. At, we're here to help you.


Here is a section that will answer your questions and worries you could have about your situation.



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How long it takes to close the transaction ?

Frequently Asked Question

We buy all types of properties, house, condo, chalet, multi-unit, commercial, land, mobile home and more.

How do I get a fast cash offer from you ?

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If you didn't have a jugement of the court in favor of the bank, we can still buy your house cash.

So that I can buy your house cash in Montreal, Fill up the form on the home page and we will contact you.

Are there any fees ?

I'm in a hurry, how fast can you make a cash offer ?

Sell your house fast in Montreal
Sell your house fast in Montreal

No fees.

What if I'm already in foreclosure ?

Every situation is different, in the majority of the cases, we make an offer on the spot, right after the visit.

What are the benefits ?

We Buy houses cash fast in montreal

sell your house fast in montreal

You will save your credit, you'll be free of multiple headache, stress, hassle, you can move on without any complication with the bank.

Do you only buy houses ?

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If you have all the necessary documents, since we buy houses cash, typically it can takes 7 - 10 days.

Our mission is helping people like ourself navigate the complex, competitive world of real estate. We have developed an amazing team of professional who help people just like you move the economy forward every single day. Whether it's a small condo, or a large apartment complex, we can buy your house cash ans fast. We've done it all and made sure everything went smoothly in the process.

we buy houses cash in montreal